This Code of Ethics is subscribed to, enacted and directed to the elimination and prevention of unethical practices and unfair trade practices in the home and building improvement and remodeling contracting business to the end that the business of the industry may be conducted under fair and competitive conditions and that the public, as well as the industry, may be protected from such harmful practices.

PRO Code of Ethics:

The promotion of sale through the use of deception by means of advertisements, personal solicitations, or other representations or selling methods which promise secret rebates or commissions for the use of the customers’ house as a "model" or "demonstration" job is unethical.

Any basis for compensating of sales people which encourages sales people to charge unreasonable prices to customers is unethical.

The practice of misrepresenting that a person or persons is a ranking official or officials of a manufacturer or other outside agency brought on solely for the reason of his interest in a customer's particular contract is unethical.

The use of an implied guarantee by a government agency or a lending agency, or a statement that anyone else will assume obligation of the note, in the event the customer cannot pay, or the securing of a Certificate of Completion prior to the completion of the work called in the contract, is unethical.

Imitation of trademarks, trade names, labels, brands, or other distinctive words, phrases or marks of competitors, with the capacity of tendency of effect of misleading or deceiving the customer is unethical.

The defamation of competitors by falsely imparting to others dishonorable conduct, inability to perform contracts, questionable credit standing; or the false disparagement of the grade, quality or manufacture of the products to be sued by competitors, is unethical.

A guarantee for a longer period than is customary in the trade for the local area is unethical.

The inducing or attempt to induce a breach of contract between competitors and their customers by any means, is unethical.

Willfully enticing away the employees of competitors is unethical.

The willful failure to perform all contractual obligations is unethical.

The failure to perform work in compliance with local laws for the public health and safety shall be unethical.

This Code of Ethics is not for the purpose of suppressing competition to restrain trade, fix or control price through combination or agreement, or otherwise injure, destroy or prevent competition.


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